Portuguese National Lacrosse Team – World Festival Tournament Denver

Posted: Janeiro 21, 2014 in Portugal Lacrosse
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Portuguese Lacrosse in the World Stage? Is it possible? The answer is yes!

The Association for Portuguese Lacrosse is working together with Matthew Carr, a former lacrosse player with Portuguese descent,  to assemble a team for competing in the Festival Tournament, in order to establish Portuguese Lacrosse as an international competitor, and help build the Portugal National Brand in the world of Lacrosse.

Matthew is former college player that played lacrosse for over 30 years. He currently play for Pabst Blue Ribbon out of Houston, both box and field, and he have coached for roughly 20 years. He was appointed has Head Coach/Director for the Portuguese National Lacrosse Team North America.

The plan is to play in the Elite/Open Division in the 2014 World Festival, in Denver.

This is a unique opportunity to be a member of the first such Portuguese National Team. If you have friends or relatives, with portuguese roots, who would be interested please forward this message

The festival will be held at Dick’s Sporting Goods Park, Denver, Colorado. The complex features 24 beautifully manicured fields. All participants will receive tickets to attend world championship games during their event.


Elite/Open: July 16-18, 2014

If you want to join this ambicious project please feel free to contact us, or contact Matthew.

Visit the official website of the Program: http://portugueselacrosse-na.org/


Portuguese National Lacrosse Team North America



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