PRO-file Steven Patsis

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This weeks PRO-file is purposely in English.One of the biggest talents we had the chance to play with, our good friend Steven Patsis.

Name: Steve Patsis
Date of Birth (DOB): 12.10.91
Born New York
Resides San Diego
Height: 5’6
Weight: 145
Jersey Number: 16
Position: Attack
Left Handed / Right Handed / Both: Both?
Weapon of Choice: Evo X
Favorite Lacrosse move: Scoring Goals
Inspiration: My family and friends

How old were you when you started playing Lacrosse?  – 5

You are studying in California, how is Lacrosse in California compared with New York? – Lacrosse in California is steadily growing. Lacrosse is way more popular in New York and is played by far more people, at a higher level. California has some great teams and a lot of talented kids, but the overall level of play is higher in New York.

You have been practicing with Lisboa. Right now they don’t have a proper field and the goalie is in Poland but besides that what do you think about the level of play? – haha well I think the players have a lot of heart, and they want to be on the field for the right reasons. Lacrosse is not a sport you pick up in one year and you are just killing it. It takes proper coaching, practice, and experience to get to a level equivalent to some of the elite teams in the US. I think the level of play has a lot of potential for Lisboa, but there is a lot of work ahead. Lets just say everyone starts somewhere, and things will only get better for Lisboa’s lacrosse program.

What were you expecting from Lisboa Lacrosse? Do you thought we would be even worse?  (be honest and say the most terrible things you want, loooool) – To be honest I did think you guys would be a little worse, I was surprised to see pretty much everyone on the team can catch and throw. Considering you guys have only been playing for one year, and the circumstances of our field, you guys are looking good.

You witnessed the huge growth of Lacrosse in the USA in the last 10 years, can you point out some ideas, that you saw working in the USA so that we can use in Lisboa and Portugal? –  haha I think it is hilarious how so many people have to ask us what we are playing during practice in lisboa, but I think soon enough that will be changed.To be honest, where I live on Long Island lacrosse has always been a arguably the most important sport. My uncle played division one lacrosse at Hofstra University and lacrosse is just a part of growing up on Long Island. I think that it has grown so fast around the country branching from states like New York and Maryland, a lot in part to do with the benefits players gain. I know a lot of kids that have been accepted in to top universities in the country predominately on their lacrosse skills. I think that college lacrosse has been the biggest cause of growing popularity throughout the country. I think that kids around the country have seen how high a level east coast lacrosse is played at, and the benefits of player’s scholarships can have.. At the same time I think lacrosse embodies a lot of what American culture is about, fast pace and tough…other countries cultures may not physc on the sport as Americans do, and if so it’s all good, you guys can still smoke us in soccer. I think that having lacrosse programs in schools, starting as young as grade school is the best way to get the sport to be taken seriously, and grow throughout Portugal. The more teams that there are, and the more youth players that are involved, the brighter the future for Lisboa’s lacrosse.

Do you want to leave a message? – some last words of advice I would say “you dont score, until you score”.

Para a semana, mais um PRO-file, já sabes, sempre às quartas.


  1. Rui Conde diz:


    Thank you very much for all the teaching and for all the help you gave us.
    It was a pleasure to play with you.


    Rui Conde

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