PRO-file Jan N Prieb

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This weeks PRO-file is purposely in English. This week we bring you our good friend Jan N Prieb.

Name: Jan N Prieb
Date of Birth (DOB): 23/7/1987
Born: Prague
Resides: Lisboa till December 2011/Now, Prague
Height: 182 cm
Weight: 71 kg
Jersey Number:12
Position you play: Long Pole Defence/Defence
Left Handed / Right Handed / Both: Right Handed, trying to be both
Weapon of Choice: Warrior revolution 2.0
Favorite Lacrosse move: Side shot
Inspiration: From lax players definitely Mike Powell
Algumas Perguntas
I know that you play more Box Lacrosse than Field Lacrosse. Which one do you like the most and why? – To be honest I prefer Field-Lacrosse now. It took me some time to accommodate since in Czech republic Box-Lacrosse is more spread and even my team wasn’t playing Field-Lacrosse when I started practising. I just like it more since there is simply more space for individual skills and tactics.
What do you think of Lacrosse in Portugal? – Well, I am still being surprised. I think you guys have done a lot of work. When I came here, lacrosse in Lisbon meant just unorganised bunch of guys passing (terribly:-)) in the park. However, there is still a lot of work ahead to make lacrosse considered as a regular and known sport here in Portugal. I think this issue deserves more than an article, nevertheless I’m happy to see that the sport is constantly growing and more and more people are involved. I think if you keep doing the same then it might in the future become a respected alternativity to local sport No. one, football.
How is it compared with Czech Republic? – In Czech republic lacrosse is still a small sport. There are about 10 teams playing NBLL, Czech Box-Lacrosse league and 5 of them also playing NFLL, Czech Field-Lacrosse league, in total it’s definitely not a big number. Recently, there was a change of the policy of Czech Television and since 2009, CT4 – the sport channel is giving chance to smaller sports such as lacrosse also, so nowadays, lacrosse is from time to time broadcated as well. This is in my opinion a very important factor, to let people know that something like lacrosse exists at least; something like so called product placement.
What were you expecting from Lisboa Lacrosse? Do you thought we would be even worse? – Honestly, I had no expectations. Before I came here I had already known the sport is in the very beginning so there was no surprise waiting for me that time.
Point out some ideas, that you saw working in Czech Republic so that we can use in Lisboa and in Portugal. – I think this question also deserves a single article. Anyway, the very important thing and in my opinion even the most significant one is working with children. The younger they start practising the better they are when adult. It should be your principal goal to furnish teaching lacrosse at schools, one or two primary or high schools would be a fantastic success. Secondly, Portugal should definitely have its own lacrosse league. I know this is very easy to say but when I just see the potential, there could easily be set up a team in the North of the country. It is all about advertising and enthusiasm. In a state you have 4 or 5 teams you can easily start your own league. At that point, when you have a regular competition, others will just say, «Wow, that’s real, there is a league running!» and this will naturally attract attention and hopefully new players as well.

Do you want to leave a message? – In the end I would like to say that in my opinion lacrosse is a sport with super high potential to grow since it’s fast, physical and attractive for spectators. I believe people can find the way to it easily, they just need to know that something like that exists here in Portugal. Then they could decide to experience it on their own and fall in love with it as I did…

Para a semana, mais um PRO-file, já sabes, sempre às quartas.
  1. Rui Conde diz:

    Hi Jan

    Thank you for everything you taught us during the year you were part of Portuguese Lacrosse.


    Rui Conde

  2. Jan diz:

    Pleasure on my side! Im coming to lisboa weekend 27th January..;-)

  3. fred nolasco diz:


    I support Rui in his “thanks”. I honestly enjoyed having you as a team partner. We surely profited from your teachings and experience! Hope that, when you return to Portugal an year from now you’ll find a stronger and more competitive team and a better situation in portuguese lacrosse!

    Stay well!


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